Africa Industrial Gas Virtual Event

A More Connected Future

2nd September 2021

For an African Continent so fragmented in its supply chains, technologies and even power networks, a more connected future awaits.

This is a region so rich in resources, and yet so often crippled by its energy infrastructure. A region so often at the forefront of talk surrounding emerging markets, yet tempered by economics and geopolitics. A vast geography for which the transport of product is no mean feat.

The question is then, can advancing megatrends like clean energies, decarbonisation and digitisation drive the step change required in Africa?

gasworld’s Africa Industrial Gas Virtual Event this September will explore A More Connected Future for Africa. It will address how a more connected future awaits with data and digitisation, with new technologies and supply chains, and the emergence of new energies that offer the platform to decouple from the intermittent power networks of today.

A wide-ranging agenda will question:

  • Where are the hotspots and areas of interest for industrial gases in Africa?
  • Where and why are companies looking to do business in Africa?
  • Can advances in technologies and business models generate new levels of efficiency in product distribution across Africa’s vast geographies?
  • Can this quest be aided by the revolution in asset management technologies?
  • And how prepared is Africa’s medical oxygen infrastructure for any critical new wave of Covid-19

Join us on 2nd September to spend a day in the company of esteemed speakers and industry insiders, and in the thick of informed discussion and debate, to learn more about unlocking Africa’s significant potential.


02nd September 2021

Event Day

Session 1 – African Industrial Gas Markets Today

Session 2 – Energy, Infrastructure and the Future

On the Sofa with gasworld Business Intelligence

Session 4 – Hot Topic Gases & Technologies

Conference Wrap-Up and Close

Rob Cockerill, gasworld


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Siggi Huegemann

African Hydrogen Partnership

Initiator, Co-Founder & Vice Chairman

Stefano Marani


Rob Cockerill


Global Managing Editor

John Raquet



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